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Sites by Category:

  • American Spectator
  • Brill's Content
  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Congressional Quarterly
  • Economist
  • George
  • National Journal
  • National Review
  • New Republic
  • Newsweek
  • Pop+Politics
  • Reason A monthly national magazine with a dynamic libertarian perspective
  • Talkers
  • Texas Monthly
  • ctheory
  • Enter Stage Right -- A Journal of Modern Conservatism
  • consortiumnews.com -- The Consortium for Independent Journalism
  • The Smoking Gun An e-zine devoted to exposing quirky, revealing and often confidential government documents.
  • Suck.com Occasionally brilliant, frequently offensive, Suck.com is an online commentary on society, culture and politics.
  • Toward Freedom International news and opinion from a progressive perspective
  • Politics - Suite101 Contributing Editors write about politics and guide others on the best of the web
  • Utne Reader
  • Hemp News Since 1992. News on cannabis and hemp from around the world
  • The Progressive Review Washington's Most Unofficial Source
  • CapitolStrategy.com
  • Progressive Populist Journal from the Heartland that believes people are more important than corporations. Original reporting, columns and reprints from alternative publications
  • annoy.com ...a high-octane flame-thrower on a mission...offering an online service that delivers scathing, anonymous postcards to public figures, and dishes up corrosive commentary and graphics hammering every hot-button issue from abortion to Zionism -- Steve Silberman, Wired News
  • Colorado Freedom Report A libertarian journal of politics and culture in the Colorado region
  • American Politics Journal
  • Freezerbox An opinion-based magazine about culture, technology and politics. The aim is to take an interdisciplinary approach, while publishing well conceived ideas which reflect the rhizomatic nature of our surroundings
  • America's Future Promoting free enterprise and constitutional government since 1946
  • The Other Voice Trinity College's left-leaning monthly opinion magazine
  • AllTexas News Your Internet Blowtorch of the Southwest. Political news and commentary from a conservative angle
  • KenLayne.com Articles by Ken Layne, including a vaguely political column from a writer-journalist at UPI Washington
  • Common Dreams NewsCenter Breaking news and views for progressive-thinking Americans
  • Conscious Choice Environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition from a perspective that sees the world as an interconnected, interdependent community
  • New Perspectives Quarterly A magazine that consistently engages the best minds and most authoritative voices in cutting-edge debate on current affairs
  • Page 1 News: Real News From The Real World National and international news summary, with commentary from a conservative point of view. Features a regular column called Exegesis: A Compass For Moral Excellence
  • Foreign Policy Magazine
  • The Independent Review A scholarly, quarterly journal devoted to critical analysis of government policy and excellence in the study of economic, social, legal, and political issues
  • City Journal A quarterly magazine created to communicate to a broad and influential audience innovative ideas about restoring the quality of life to America's cities
  • Toward Freedom Progressive world affairs print and online magazine focusing on human rights, globalization, and struggles for social justice and self-determination
  • American Partisan Seeks to revive a genuine new American partisanship. Don't come here looking for consensus, come here to be challenged. Don't expect a particular brand of politics, we're more like a supermarket. And lastly, don't EVER think you can win an argument with us by saying, the American people disagree with you.``

    ``Because you will only invite the response, Then the American people are wrong.

  • LewRockwell.com Anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news & commentary
  • IntellectualCapital.com A weekly nonpartisan e-zine of opinion and analysis on the latest social and political issues
  • The Washington Monthly magazine...to help you understand our system of politics and government, where it breaks down, why it breaks down, and what can be done to make it work
  • Life&Liberty Conservative Republican political columnist Brian W. Peterson extols the virtues of morality, patriotism, capitalism, and liberty while pointing out the humor of liberalism
  • LM Online Argues for free speech, liberty and progress. Includes regular commentaries, discussion fora, and research resources
  • Moderate Republican Militant Moderate Republicanism. A site where Republicans are proud to be Moderate and understand what it means historically, philosophically, and politically
  • TV Rundown Articles and resources about television news, including some on tv and politics
  • The Agora Cosmopolitan A Canadian not-for-profit news magazine covering civil rights, human rights and politics.
  • The Crackpot A liberal weekly satirizing national politics and politicians

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