Custom Services

Licensing Opportunities

What's better than a political search engine on one site? A political search engine on several sites, including yours. Both of our searches are available for licensing on other websites. We are happy to work out co-branding, revenue-sharing and/or fee-for-access arrangements.

Licensing is different from using one of the forms on our affiliates page. Those HTML forms let people use their sites as a starting point for a Pol Info search, but they send users directly to a search results page on our site.

When you license the Pol Info searches, however, your users stay within your site. They view results pages generated by our search engine on our server, but those pages look like your site and contain your navigation information. It's as though you'd gone through the trouble and expense to set up a search engine yourself, but without (most of) the trouble and expense.

Why license the searches?

Most sites are crying out for updated content. The political search lets you add extra resources to any story or page — just set up a form leading to the search engine, preset it with a relevant topic, and let your readers go find more information.

The search engine also keeps readers on your site. If they want to learn more about a topic, they're likely to go off to a search engine anyway. With a licensed Pol Info search, they stay on your site to find more resources. And they're likely to remember the feature and come back to use it again.

Finally, the search can help generate page-views, which are always critical in the advertising-supported web. We find that the average user of our searches hits 4-5 separate pages, either by searching for different topics or by going deeper into the results, before they leave the search engine.

Want to explore a licensing arrangement?

Please contact us and we'll get the process started right away.

Other custom services

Once you've set up one niche search engine, why not build others?

If your site is a broad portal into any web niche such as an interest, topic or industry, your users would appreciate a targeted search of sites in that niche. We can handle the backend search engine setup, help you refine the list of sites for the index, run the system, or help train you to run your own.

We've set up several non-political targeted search engines, including Nanospot (a nanotechnology search engine) and RigMatch (an oil-and-gas industry search engine).

Also, our partner company e.designs provides high-end website design and consulting.

Please contact us for more information about any of these opportunities.