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For Immediate Release
July 13, 1999

Political Search Engine Dodges Problems Plaguing Portals

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Washington, D.C. (July 13, 1999) -- A recent study in a major science magazine backs up Political Information (.com)'s innovative use of a targeted search engine for politics and policy.

A non-partisan search engine that zeroes in on political and policy websites, Political Information (.com) avoids problems reported as plaguing general-interest search engines and Internet portals, notably their limited site selection and outdated information. "It provides a superior way for policymakers, political journalists, researchers and political junkies to search the web," says Pat Delany, the company's president and co-founder.

According to the study, published in last week's issue of Nature, even the best general-purpose Internet search engines miss five/sixths of the web, concentrate on commercial sites, and often contain old information. "There are limitations because they don't search everything and they are not up to date," said computer scientist and study co-author Steve Lawrence of the NEC Research Institute.

Delany agrees. "Trying to find good political or policy information with a general-interest search engine is like looking for loose change on a beach without a metal detector -- frustrating and usually fruitless," he said. "We've hand-picked more than 4000 of the best online policy and political resources and made it easy to get balanced information on any political or policy topic. Plus, we update our search index frequently."

The Political Information (.com) website, located at http://www.politicalinformation.com, also contains a constantly expanding listing of political/policy sites arranged by subject category for easy browsing, and has space for citizens and organizations to submit their own political sites for inclusion. The site also contains each day's congressional schedules and will be adding a daily political news overview and an online political bookstore.

Political Information (.com) is a member of D.C. Orbit, a web network of non-partisan policy and political websites.

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